Who We Are…

We are a consortium based out of San Diego, CA, but have travelled the world for the past twenty-plus years creating memorable events and content.  Each of us brings a unique perspective to the production process and, when put together, create a strong alliance with many years of experience.  When Michael formed his company, he gravitated to the name 8640 as it reminded him of a catch phrase he used “back in my young and impressionable teenage years” with his friends.  He used it for many situations, for everything that was good in life, in the year, the month, the day, the hour, the minute or the second.  8640 said it all.  86Forty can do it all for you.

A Few of Our Many Skills…


Technology and Equipment
Audio Design
Lighting Design
Video Schematics
Scenic Design
Scenic & Props

Looking for something new and exciting to wow your audience?  We offer the newest wide screen video displays and the latest in computer generated lighting looks.  With a virtual palate of technology, toys and scenic ideas, we embrace an idea and give it the wow you are looking for.

Video Production

Script Writing
Concept Ideas
Experienced Crews
Location Management

We not only project your videos, we can write, produce and direct them as well.  If you need an opening video based on your theme, we produce it.  If you need a video about a key customer, we can make it happen.  If you need training videos to use after the event, we’ve got you covered.  No job is too unique or challenging for our skilled video production team.

Venue Logistics

CAD Design
Site Evaluation
Venue Contact Liaison

We have experienced every type of venue.  From an airplane hangar to a remote hilltop to a boardroom, we understand what it takes to produce a program.  You tell us what you would like to do and we will give you honest, experienced answers.

Creative Content

Creative Concepts
Content Management
CEO and VIP Entrances
Theme and Logo Design
Show Direction
Talent and Entertainment

Is it time for your big incentive trip or customer meeting?  Let us create a theme for you.  Need an executive to enter with a big laugh or an act to welcome back the attendees after a coffee break?  Let us make it happen… brainstorming is what we do.
You have enough items on your plate to think about.  Trying to oversee and direct a meeting should not be one of them.

Client Support

Extensive Follow Through
Extraordinary Customer Service
Speaker Management

We have built our reputation on being an advocate for our clients, always having your best interest and goals in mind.  We pride ourselves on working closely with executives and presenters from rehearsal through show day, always being professional, discreet and supportive.  We are your event foundation.

"The entire week was amazing for our attendees, special guests, senior executives, speakers, sponsors, everyone, especially me! You are all at the top of your game and I’ve heard nothing but wonderful compliments on how smoothly the conference went, packed with exciting videos, everything! From beginning to end you knocked it out of the park and it was and is a privilege to work with you!"

− Patty Charroux • Manager Global Sales Event Planning , American Airlines

"Reviews are coming in and as predicted, the 93rd WAFC Convention was the “best ever!” Sincere thanks to Shannon, Michael, Mark, PK, Tim and the entire 86Forty crew for your creativity, flexibility and patience. From working on the rally video, staging, script rewrites and “Show Time,” you were all ready, able and willing to make it happen. The delegates all really enjoyed the highlights video."

− Carole Christianson • Chief Operating Officer, Western Association of Food Chains

"86Forty is destined for greatness! The team they have assembled is unparalleled in the event production world and having worked closely with Shannon, Mark and Tim for 24 events I can say without a doubt, they are the best of the best!

I can't wait to work with them again!"

− Tom Gross, Jr. • Emcee, Announcer, Auctioneer American Airlines Celebrity Events

"Creative and professional, we can always count on Paul and the team to produce our most important events and videos. We love working with them because they are nice people who always make us look so good!"

− Lauree Sahba • COO, San Diego Regional Economic Corporation

"Michael, please share with your team a big congratulations on a job well done.
Once again you outdid yourselves!!!! I couldn’t do this without all of you!!!!"

− Barb Swinger • Event Manager, Teradata